Kurt Workholding Brochures

Kurt Workholding’s brochures are downloadable PDF files. Look through the workholding and accessories catalog or view any of the individual workholding brochures. These brochures cover all of Kurt’s original equipment, backed by our Ironclad Warranty. To receive printed brochures, please fill out our literature request form.

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Kurt VB 5 Axis Vise

Kurt Workholding and Accessories Brochures

Kurt General Catalog

Kurt VB DockLock Zero-Point Workholding Technology Systems

Kurt DJ6(M) DoveLock Jaws

Kurt General Catalog
(15.3 mb)
Kurt VB DockLock Zero-Point
Pneumatic Clamping System

Kurt Zero-Point Workholding

(1.65 mb)
Kurt DJ6(M)
Dovelock Jaws


Kurt China Catalog

Kurt SCMX250 & 425 multiaxis vises

Kurt Vise Selection Guide

Kurt DoveLock Payback

Kurt China Catalog
Vise Locating with
Bolt-On Keys vs. Sine Keys
Kurt Vise Selection Guide
Kurt DoveLock Payback




Kurt Small Machine Table




Kurt Original Equipment Brochures

Kurt Yamazen Rotary Table Kurt Electronics  
Kurt D675/D688/DX6
Comparison Sheet

Kurt Rotary Table
Workholding - Yamazen

(1.1 mb)
Kurt Engineered
Systems Overview

(2.9 mb)
Kurt Engineered Systems Smart Probe  
Kurt D40/3400V/DX4
Comparison Sheet
Kurt Gaging
Systems Brochure

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