• New American Standard

    DX6 Crossover Vise
    DX4 Crossover Vise
  • DockLock Pneumatic Clamping System

  • Custom Engineered Workholding

    Kurt can modify standard product 
    or build a completely custom fixture
  • Clustertowers and
    ToolBlox Tombstones

    KURTSmart™ Probes provide easy and cost effective LVDT
    measurement results, with IO output, without a PC

    Kurt offers a full line of both standard and custom
    gaging options along with software and automation

    Several options to speed up your
    set-up times from job to job

Due to the metal tariffs we are adding a 4% surcharge to all products on all orders.

Precision Vises & CNC Workholding Solutions

Kurt vises are the industry standard for quality and reliability for CNC machining or precision workholding requirements. No other vise manufacturer offers the variety, dependability, or precision of Kurt vises. Our line of high performance vises includes:

Innovative AngLock® Workholding Technology

The original Kurt AngLock® vises were designed to provide precision part clamping for basic machining and milling applications. Our line of Kurt vises includes high precision CNC vises, 5 axis vises, rotary table workholding solutions for VMCs, and ToolBlox tombstones. Our precision workholding solutions provide increased versatility at your CNC machining stations. Precision measuring systems and accessories are also available to complement your Kurt workholding system.


Workholding Products & Precision Vises

Kurt Workholding Products | DX4 and DX6 Vises
We have been designing, engineering, and manufacturing precision workholding products for over half a century. From single station vises and modular vises to towers, tombstones, and more, we have the workholding solution your CNC application requires. Our precision vises and workholding products are easy to integrate into new or existing automated cells and gaging systems.

Quick Change Location & Positioning Systems

Quick Change Location & Positioning Systems
Our PinLock™, DockLock, and DoveLock™ quick change technology is designed to significantly reduce setup and changeover times for more efficient production and improved profitability. One satisfied user of our quick change workholding solutions reduced the setup time for machining aerospace parts by seven hours.

5 Axis Vises & Workholding Solutions

5 Axis Vises & Workholding Solutions
Complex, 5 axis CNC machining operations require reliable workholding solutions. Kurt Workholding’s 5 axis vises and workholding devices provide maximum clamping force and workpiece stability for 5 axis machining. A variety of options makes it easy to find the right workholding option for even the most challenging application.

Custom Workholding Solutions

Custom Workholding Solutions | custom vises and workholding devices for CNC milling and machining operations
With decades of experience in designing CNC workholding products and a deep understanding of how these products integrate into modern manufacturing processes, Kurt is your #1 source for custom vises and other custom workholding solutions. Our engineers will work with you to develop a customized workholding product that is tailored to your unique performance and application requirements. We have delivered countless custom vises and workholding devices for CNC milling and machining operations—contact us to find out what we can do for you!

Scratch & Dent

workholding vises with cosmetic flaws that do not affect their functionality | Scratch & Dent
Occasionally, we find workholding vises with cosmetic flaws that do not affect their functionality. We offer these products at discounted “scratch and dent” prices, giving you the chance to pick up one of our high precision vises at a lower cost. These vises carry a full lifetime factory warranty.

Vise & Workholding Replacement Parts

Vise & Workholding Replacement Parts
In addition to our complete line of world class vises, Kurt Workholding also supplies a full range of vise replacement parts, including jaw replacement kits. If your Kurt vise is damaged or if parts are worn out after years of use, we have the replacement parts and repair kits you need to get your workholding solution back in service ASAP.

Workholding & Vise Accessories

Vise Accessories
From tower jaw kits and grid plates to parallels, workstops, and more, we’ve got the precision vise accessories you need to get the most out of your Kurt workholding products. For quality, consistency, and dependability, insist on genuine Kurt vise accessories!

Contact Kurt Workholding Today

Contact Kurt Workholding
Kurt Workholding is the industry’s leading resource for CNC workholding products, and for good reason. Our precision vises and other product provide dependability, durability, and performance that other manufacturers can’t match. Order today or contact us for the workholding solution you need.