5-Axis Vises

5-axis workholding systems minimize obstruction issues while providing enough clamping force to locate and stabilize intricate or oddly shaped parts.

High precision 5-axis vises are highly effective for working with complex shapes and difficult angles. Additional benefits of 5-axis workholding solutions include increased accuracy, reduced setup time, and reduced tooling costs and labor time.

Achieve Obstruction-Free Machining with Our 5-Axis Workholding Systems

Kurt Workholding offers a full line of 5-axis vise options to give you maximum clamping force when working with 5-axis machinery. Our 5-axis workholding vises are designed to allow for obstruction-free machining on five sides of a workpiece. They have the benefit of a quick, single clamp setup and allow for continuous, high-speed cutting of pockets and 3-dimensional or sculpted surfaces.

Whatever your requirements, we’re sure to have the best 5-axis vises for your application.