SMARTstopped Products

Available in machinable steel and aluminum versions, hardened steel options, and dovetailed tooling options— in multiple sizes—featuring  preinstalled SMARTSTOP™ pins for the CARVESMART internal vertical slot locating system.

  • SMARTstop™ is an accurate, internal, vertical slot and pin system
  • Jaws relocate +/-0.0003″ in the same ground steel master jaw after one use
  • SMARTstop™ jaws are front loading and available for steel ground master jaw sets only
  • 1/4″ x 3/8″ dowel pins available to SMARTstop custom-sized dovetailed jaws cut from CARVESMART bulk aluminum extrusions or steel jaw stock
  • SMARTstop™ allows vises to be mounted jaw to jaw

Machinable jaws include: aluminum soft jaws and 1018 cold-rolled steel jaws.