The CARVESMART Advantage:

  • No More Cap Screws: Quick-change CARVESMART dovetailed jaws replace time-consuming cap screwed jaws.
  • Better Clearance: CARVESMART’s narrower dovetailed jaws can hold more parts with less material without dodging cap screws.
  • Jaw Changes Are Fast: CARVESMART dovetailed jaws can be changed in 10 seconds.
  • Machinable Options: CARVESMART aluminum jaws and 1018 steel jaws are machinable and can save shops a lot of money in machine downtime.
  • Multiple Jaw Profiles: Extruded aluminum jaw stock—available in 5 profiles—precut lengths and bulk sizes as long as 94 inches for custom-length jaws. 1018 steel jaws and jaw stock—available in 2 profiles, multiple precut lengths and bulk sizing.

NEWS: Kurt acquires Bellatex Industries LLC, owner of the CARVESMART quick-change vise jaw system. (Click Here to Read More)