Fixture Keys and Sine Keys

Sine keys and fixture keys position and align vises on machine tables. Fixture keys are sized according to the Kurt vise keyway slot and machine table T-slot. Standard fixture keys are used when the vise keyway and machine table T-slot have the same dimension. Step fixture keys are used when the vise keyway dimension is different than the machine table T-slot dimension.

Many new Kurt Vise models use sine keys for machine table location. New Kurt Vise models can still be located on to T-slot tables using sine keys, plus they can be mounted on 2″ x 2″, 40mm x 40mm and 50mm x 50mm grid plates.

Kurt Vise models that use sine keys include: DX4 and DX6 series, 3400, 3600 and 3800 series, HD690 series, XL6 series, HDL4 and HDL6 series and HDM6 series.

Some Kurt Vise models are compatible with fixture keys and sine keys. Be sure to check the specific vise you are using on your machine if it’s not listed above. Older D-series Kurt vises generally all use fixture keys.

{Click here for a vise mounting video}