Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions

Through Kurt’s dedication to innovation, we’ve developed automation processes that enable our employees to do their jobs more accurately, efficiently, and safely. Many of the processes we use on the shop floor are also available to customers through turn-key automation solutions and Custom Engineered Workholding.

Kurt automation solutions range from elaborate custom designs to single-acting pump systems running a DXH hydraulic vise to the revolutionary RV36 Gripper robotic end effector.

Explore Kurt’s Automation Solutions

Kurt Custom Engineered Workholding Trunnion 4
Kurt custom trunnion system with five 3600H hydraulic vises

Custom Workholding

Kurt customized workholding solutions have led the industry for over 50 years. Easily integrated into new or existing automated cells and gaging systems, they’re perfect for automotive, aerospace, and other metalworking-intensive industries.

KHP3 pump and Kurt DX6H Hydraulic vise setup
Kurt DX6H Hydraulic Vise with KHP3 pump

Hydraulic Workholding

Turn to Kurt for hydraulic actuated options for single and double-station vises and eight-station cluster towers. All Kurt hydraulic vises can be easily integrated into machining centers to substantially increase productivity and reduce errors. Kurt offer turn-key automation solutions with affordable DX Hydraulic vises and pump systems. New DXH vises also come in 4-, 6- and 8-inch sizes and in reverse models.

Kurt DX6A pneumatic vise

Pneumatic Workholding

As a lower cost, more flexible and safer alternative to electric motors and actuators, Kurt pneumatic vises make for a sound investment for manufacturers looking for significant gains in manufacturing productivity.

Robotic End Effectors

The Kurt RV36 Robot end effector is a two-finger parallel gripper with a revolutionary design that allows automated finger/end effector changes without gripper body changes.

Automation at work at Kurt

Introducing the NEW Kurt RV36 Gripper. A robot end effector with two-finger parallel gripper, The RV36 features a revolutionary patented design that uses pull studs to automate finger/end effector changes without gripper body changes.


automatic power drawbar kit

Power Drawbars

Kurt PowerLock™ power drawbars automate “knee-type” milling machines to reduce tool change time by 75%—allowing for more cutting time. PowerLock drawbars install easily and help to reduce operator fatigue while improving productivity and safety.