Kurt RV36 Robotic Gripper

Part No. RV36


The NEW Kurt RV36 Robot end effector is a two-finger parallel gripper with a revolutionary design that allows automated finger/end effector changes without gripper body changes. An amazingly adaptable gripper by itself is made even better with automatic finger changes. Quick, operator-free finger changes using standard pull studs on each gripper finger allow for increased flexibility, less down time for your robot and cost savings for your business.



The new RV36 Robotic Gripper is a two-finger parallel gripper featuring a patent-pending design with automated finger/end-effector changes without a gripper body change. Quick-change fingers are secured with pull studs and allow customers to save on gripper-body expenses and create greater part-holding flexibility by using multiple finger configurations with a single gripper body. 

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Loaded with features, the compact Kurt RV36 Gripper comes standard with integrated electronics featuring sensors that ensure fingers are in place and optional sensors to insure parts are in place and ready for production. High-strength aluminum alloy keeps gripper weight to a minimum while a hard-coat finish reduces wear and increases life in the field. Double-acting piston design gives the RV 36 Gripper maximum clamping and un-clamping force and carvable aluminum- or steel-finger options can be machined to work in a variety of applications. Additional finger sets are also sold separately. 

Kurt RV36 Gripper In-depth Features:


Kurt RV 36 Grippers offer additional space- and money-saving features. The smaller gripper size allows easier storage where space is a premium and pull-stud automation saves money for customers with a quick-change finger system allowing multiple finger options for a single gripper body. The RV36 is the first robot gripper with the ability to automatically change gripper fingers and the ability to accommodate an endless variety of end-effector options. 

Field Application: Gripping and moving small to medium sized workpieces in low contaminant environments, such as assembly, machine tending, packaging and testing.

Features: Automatic finger changes – new patented design allows for automated finger changes. Using of pull studs on the fingers we can quickly, securely and accurately change out just the fingers in seconds.

  • Integrated Electronics – Comes standard with integrated electronics with sensors that ensure fingers are in place.
  • Light weight design – Made from high strength aluminum alloy to reduce gripper weight. Hard coat finish to reduce wear and increase life.
  • Maximum clamping force – Double acting oval piston design allows for the maximum clamping and un-clamping force.
  • Self Centering Action – Wedge type design allows for high force transmission and centric gripping.
  • Optional Finger configurations – Two styles of fingers available – Aluminum or Steel.
  • Optional Electronics – Optional sensors are available that detect parts and insure they are in place and ready for production.
  • Payload – up to 50 pounds

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Dimensional Data

Dimensional Data

A 2.765
B 2.750
C 6.000
D 5.438
E 4.250
F 2.125
G 1.375
H 0.625
I 1.550
J 1.250
K 2.000
L 1.250
M 2.250
N 0.350
O 0.625


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