Kurt PF 5-Axis Vise with 52mm mounting – PF440

Part No. PF440


Introducing the NEW automation ready Kurt  PF440 MaxLock™  5-Axis  vise featuring our patented AngLock® Design, quick lash adjustment, and  3 available jaw options.




Introducing the new Precision Force 5-Axis MaxLock™ vise lineup featuring 3 new models with 3 available jaw options. Robot-ready Kurt PF-series vises offer new user-friendly features including easy-to-adjust lash and 52mm spacing for automation-ready mounting systems to adapt to competitors’ zero-point systems.

The new Quick Lash Adjustment makes center-line movement fast and efficient and keeps parts perfectly positioned and vises in the field longer with less downtime through the usual wear and break in periods. New spring-loaded gibs keep parts square and are designed to maximize part-positioning repeatability through multiple cycles.

Kurt’s PF 420, PF 440 and PF 460 vises come with standard 4-inch jaw width and jaw openings ranging from 2.625″ to 6.625″ making them the perfect vise for any customer’s small-part workholding applications. PF-series vises replace the previous Kurt HP models and feature the patented AngLock® design to minimize jaw lift and deflection. The proven AngLock® design naturally pushes the vise jaws down and forward allowing much greater surface contact on parts—maximizing holding strength with less clamp force.

• High clamp Force
• Jaw design minimizes jaw lift
• Easy center-line adjustment
• Quick lash adjustment
• Hex on both ends of screw, can be adjusted from either side
• 52mm pattern spacing for mounting to industry standard zero-point systems
• End effector ready for automation integration
• Movable jaw options: Machinable, Dovetail and Serrated
• Jaws and nuts can be reversed for ID clamping
• Jaws are gibbed to help with squareness
• Max torque 45 foot pounds.


Dimensional Data

Dimensional Data

Kurt PF440 Jaw Assembly
Kurt PF440 Mounting Locations

Clamping Force Pounds

Clamping Force Pounds

Torque Ft-Lbs Force in lbs.
10 720
20 1,520
30 2,250
40 3,050
45 3,375


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