Success Stories

Kurt Workholding offers turn-key hydraulic automation for Stone Machinery

The Kurt DX6H CrossOver Hydraulic Vise and Kurt KHP3T Air/Hydraulic reciprocating pump are the perfect pair.

Stone Machinery chose the combined power of a Kurt DX6H® CrossOver® Hydraulic Vise actuated by a Kurt KHP3T Air/Hydraulic reciprocating pump and a Universal Cobot to automate a Hurco vertical machining center at their facility in St. Paul, MN. Their fully automated, turn-key solution utilizes a single solenoid valve and DIN connector cable that can be wired into a machine control relay, or robot control, or a PLC. Pressure switches are used for line pressure verification providing a “go ahead” signal that there is indeed pressure in the vise-open or vise-close line. 

Kurt customers love this system because it’s scalable and affordable, allowing from one to ten hydraulic vises operating in a circuit. The number of vises depends on work holding requirements and machine tool work envelope constraints. Customers can really customize these systems to meet their needs:

In the case where you need to add more vises to a circuit, and all the added vises can open and close together, then all that is needed are the additional vises and hydraulic plumbing (i.e. hydraulic flex line and fittings). You already have the solenoid valve, I/O cable and pressure switches and all the added vises will operate from the single valve and switch signals. Up to nine vises can be added to an existing one vise circuit. This type of circuit is very economical and easy to put together because the circuit does not require additional solenoid valves, I/O cable and manifold.

In the case where you need to add more vises to a circuit, and all the added vises need to open and close individually, then additional pressure switches, solenoid valves, I/O cable and hydraulic plumbing for each vise added into the circuit will be needed. An additional manifold may be needed as well depending on the number of vises added in. Up to seven vises can be added to an existing one vise circuit.

The actuation system comes together with the pump. Easy to install, The KHP3T pump configured for automation can be quickly assembled per your workholding needs. The components are modular and off the shelf including the hydraulic fittings and Kurt Hydraulic Tuff Hose. Custom lengths of hydraulic flex line and Kurt Hydraulic Tuff Hose can be ordered to suit your needs. If the DX6H isn’t what your application calls for, keep in mind that all Kurt Hydraulic Vises can be integrated in an automation system using the Kurt KHP3T air/hydraulic reciprocating pump. Kurt KHP5000 two-stage electric pumps are also available for automation applications of these types.