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Kurt KHP3 pumps are our best-selling air-over-hydraulic models, operate with shop air and can be configured as single- or double-acting and run from one vise or multiple vises on a single pump. Pumps operate semi-automated with an operator controlling the pump using a foot switch (KHP3F), hand switch (KHP3H) or a toggle (KHP3T). KHP3 pumps can also be configured to run fully automated using a machine tool controller, robot or PLC.

  • Hand or Foot Operated, single-action hydraulic/pneumatic pump
  • Specially engineered for use with all Kurt hydraulic vises
  • Designed to maintain constant pressure on vises for reliable workholding
  • Internal load-limiting valve protects against overload
  • Air exhaust muffler provides quiet operation
  • Includes air & oil filters to reduce risk of damage from environmental contaminants
  • 77 in.3 usable capacity
  • 30-100 psi input pressure
  • Weight: 22.5 lbs.

Build your own hydraulic automation

You can build a turn-key, single-acting hydraulic workholding system with hydraulic actuation and operator control using a Kurt hydraulic vise, Kurt Tuff hose to connect everything and a Kurt KHP3 pump.  With a few additional parts, systems can also include multiple vises and full automation. Contact Kurt to learn more about any of our high performance products.

If your dream automation system is complicated or fully custom, talk to our experts at Kurt Custom Engineered Workholding. Start by filling out a quick inquiry form and we’ll contact you right away. Click here to fill out a CEW Inquiry –>


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