Kurt Hydraulic Pumps

Kurt KHP3 pumps offer versatility and run from shop air.

Kurt KHP3 pumps are our best-selling air-over-hydraulic models, operate with shop air and can be configured as single- or double-acting and run from one vise or multiple vises on a single pump. Pumps operate semi-automated with an operator controlling the pump using a foot switch (KHP3F), hand switch (KHP3H) or a toggle (KHP3T). KHP3 pumps can also be configured to run fully automated using a machine tool controller, robot or PLC.

Build your own hydraulic automation

You can build a turn-key, single-acting hydraulic workholding system with a Kurt hydraulic vise, Kurt Tuff hose to connect everything and a Kurt KHP3 pump. With a few additional parts, systems can include multiple vises and full automation.