Kurt Hydraulic Pumps

Overview of pump styles:

Dump Pump: (Kurt KHP5000 Hydraulic Pump) Generally used where the fixture is to be disconnected from the pump for cycling. Most commonly used with a “pallet” valve. Run the pump with the foot valve until clamped and then close the pallet valve and release the foot valve.

Demand Pump: (Kurt KHP5000BP Hydraulic Pump) Used where the fixture will stay connected to the pump during the cycle. If the pump loses approximately 200PSI of pressure then it will start back up on its own to bring up the pressure to the set level. Move the lever forward to pressure up and clamp. Pull the lever back to release the pressure.

Note: The Kurt KHP5000BP pump is used with the Kurt KDC-M035NS directional control valve (sold separately) if the customer does not have their own.