Kurt Caged Tombstones

Kurt® Workholding’s two-face and four-face ToolBlox modular tombstones (or caged tombstones) provide a lighter weight building block to add high density and even greater versatility to horizontal CNC machining centers. Our caged tombstones are over 30% lighter than most comparably sized tombstones with aluminum sub-plates, and are uniquely designed to reduce setup time.

ToolBlox tombstones are a lower-cost alternative to dedicated fixtures. The bolt holes and dowel pattern on each face enable the fast and easy installation/removal of sub-plates and other workholding components, such as manual or hydraulic vises and other part clamping devices.

Four ToolBlox caged tombstone models are available, all manufactured from Class 30 grey iron for durability, stability, and long working life. Two-face and four-face models are available with 400 mm or 500 mm bases. Standard and custom sub-plates are available for all models. (see below).

Solid workholding tombstones are also available.