Success Stories

Mega tombstone with carvesmart and xtralong vises

Mega Custom Tombstone

Imagine the parts you could hold on a tombstone with 4 TriLock Vises with CARVESMART jaws and 4 Kurt XL6 ExtraLong Vises!

A large manufacturing customer recently commissioned a mega tombstone to run on one of their horizontal machining centers. They approached Kurt because they required a precision-built tombstone with perpendicularity, flatness and construction-quality beyond compare.

Four Kurt TriLock Vises with CARVESMART and four Kurt XL6 XtraLong Vises mounted vertically complete the setup. The vise configuration allows part-holding in any of 12 jaw openings. Part capacity ranges from 4 inches or less to as large as 19-1/4 inches—if the XL’s outside clamping is employed. The TriLock vises also allow additional flexibility with their double-station and large- and small-single station vise configuration options.

The Tombstone’s wide, 1000 millimeter base provides maximum stability and can be mounted directly to the HMC or used with a custom pallet system (not provided). The Tombstone will be used for high-variability part production in a tool-room setting to manufacture custom workholding fixtures for a massive manufacturing operation’s main production runs.

High-precision design and manufacturing coupled with for highly flexible vise options make this tombstone special. CARVESMART quick-change dovetailed jaws facilitate setup changes in minutes on the TriLock vises and easily accommodate the wide array of part families required to run on a single machine.

If you’re interested in applying a similar tombstone or tower system to a workholding application or learning how we can streamline an automated workflow, we’d love to help you out. We can build virtually anything imaginable.

Send us some project details and we’ll get back to you with the solution that’s right for your budget and your application.