Kurt USB Gaging Products

Precision Gaging Products Kurt ICS USB Flyer (1.3mb PDF) File These modules can turn any PC into a machine control or gaging system with Kurt’s powerful and flexible SPC technology package. Do away with costly electronic gauging columns and connect any combination of up to 20 LVDT sensors, analogue or digital devices to a single USB port. Forget about availability of PCI slots, IRQ conflicts or configuring RS-232 input protocols. Just connect KurtUSB precision gaging modules to your PC, plug in and turn on your LVDT and you are ready to calibrate. KurtUSB even has DC I/O supply modules and can eliminate the need for PLC’s and relay logic circuits. The user can control multiple devices from a single PC (photo eyes, limit switches, proximity sensors, buttons, valves, sirens). In conjunction with KurtSPC, KurtUSB precision gaging products provide the ability to collect data and graph results on all process related events. This makes 100% inspection possible using real time data analysis rather than just collecting results. Call us toll free at 800-343-9884 to talk with a sales engineer about our precision gaging products.

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