Digital and Analog Probes

A dimensional gage probe, also known as a Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) transducer or sensor, is physically used to contact the part being measured. The LVDT is an essential part for most contact type gage systems. The LVDT is extremely robust and can survive in the harshest environment.

When integrated with the KurtUSB interface hardware, the LVDT can provide resolutions down to a few millionths of an inch. The LVDT probes from Kurt are available with both spring or pneumatic extend.

Typical LVDT gage probes available from Kurt as standard products have an 8mm diameter body and physical lengths ranging from approximately 25mm to 200mm. Standard measurement ranges are available from 0.25mm to 20mm.

The durability of our LVDT transducers makes them ideal for demanding industry uses and their precision provides you with laboratory-level accuracy, with all displacement sensed exactly.Would you like to learn more about Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT sensors)