Kurt VersatileLock Reverse Vise – 3610V

Part No. 3610V


Manual VersatileLock Reverse Vise, 6″



Use the Kurt 3610V VersatileLock in this configuration for the added benefit of easier part programming in “Y axis” positive direction. It also reduces the “reach-over” distance; making part loading safer and easier for the operator.


  • Can be mounted upright or on either side.
  • Matched stationary jaw to the keyway including the body height ±0.001″.
  • 0.0005″ clamping repeatability.
  • Sine key or fixture key compatible


Mounting instructions



Dimensional Data

Dimensional Data

vise dimension drawings
Inch Pounds
A 3.187 x
B 6.000 x
C 15.060 x
D 2.750 x
E 0.688 x
F 1.485 x
G 2.750 x
H 1.735 x
J 0.725 x
K 4.500 x
L 2.250 x
M 5.000 x
N 0.937 x
O 3.875 x
P 1/2-13 x
Q 2.000 x
R 4.250 x
S 3.000 x
T 1.380 x
U 0.630 x
V 1.940 x
W 3/4 x
X 5.640 x
Y 0.630 x
Z 6.000 x
AA 6.000 x
BB 9.500 x
CC 11.250 x
DD 14.750 x
NN 2.500 x
OO 0.344 x
PP 1/2 x
QQ 0.671 x
Ship Wt. Lbs. x 68


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