Kurt Hydraulic Pump




  • Dump Pump (KHP5000) or Demand Pump Option (KHP5000BP)
  •  1 HP Motor, 115/208-230 VAC
  • Max Amps 11.1 @ 5,000 PSI
  • External safety relief is user adjustable from 500-5,000 PSI
  • Internal safety relief set at 5,000 PSI
  • 127 Cu. In. (0.54 gal) total capacity
  • 75 Cu. In. (0.32 gal) usable capacity
  • Weight 82 lbs
  • Average Pump Output Volume 31.3 Cu. In.
  • Decibel rating 72DBA running at 5,000 PSI at a distance of 2 ft.

KHP5000 Dump Pump: Generally used when a fixture is to be disconnected from the pump for cycling. Most commonly used with a “pallet” valve. Run the pump with the foot valve until clamped and then close the pallet valve and release the foot valve. The KHP5000 pump has a dump feature that allows you to shuttle pallets in and out of a CNC without the pressure lines attached. Pressure is released with the included foot switch. It has an adjustable pressure range of 580-5000psi. The pump is self-contained with easy to read features including the fill level and pressure gauge. The pump comes with a foot switch and three out-put ports.

KHP5000BP Demand Pump: Generally used when a fixture will stay connected to the pump during the cycle. If the pump loses approximately 200 PSI of pressure then it will start back up on its own to bring up the pressure to the set level. Move the lever forward to pressure up and clamp. Pull the lever back to release the pressure. The KHP5000BP is essentially the same as the 5000 but with a different circuit configuration that allows constant pressure for circuits that are continuously connected to the pump and don’t require pressure dumps. The pump is self-contained with easy to read features including the fill level, pressure gauge and three out-put ports.

Kurt also offers pneumatic/hydraulic hand-switch operated hydraulic pumps and footswitch operated hydraulic pumps.




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