Kurt Extra Capacity Reverse Vise – XL6R-SD

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Kurt Workholding is an industry leading provider of advanced quality 6″ added capacity manual reverse vises for your industrial vise workholding needs. Contact us today for more information regarding our XL added capacity reverse vises or request a quote for an in-depth price analysis.

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These vises have minor porosity in the body and/or the movable jaws.

This does not effect the functionality or the warranty.

Kurt XL reverse vises are designed for the clamping of extremely large parts for both die and tool CNC applications. The jaw openings provide up to 19.25″ of versatile jaw opening space. These precise locking vises are ideal for high horsepower “hogging out” operations. Kurt XL reverse vises are accurate to within 0.001″ for precise, easy alignment in multiples. XL vises may be used as receivers for other workholding devices.

XL6R Extra Capacity Manual Reverse Vise Features

  • Precision clamping force up to 6,884 Lbs.
  • Jaw lift reduction due to AngLock design.
  • Ductile iron body provides up to 80,000 lb.
  • 6” jaw widths with jaw openings from 0″-14.50″ with a maximum of 19.25″ (in the outside jaw positions).
  • “Pull-Type” clamping provides high precision and repeatability.
  • Excellent for high horsepower “hogging out” applications.
  • Part loading is safer and easier for the operator due to reverse model “reach-over” distance reduction. Also, part programming is simpler in the “Y” axis positive direction.
  • Air, manual and hydraulic models available.
  • Hydraulic and air feature a 1/4″ stroke.
  • Air power option provides a “gentle touch” for delicate parts that is precise and repeatable.
  • Available internal hex screw.
  • Sine key or fixture key compatible

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Dimensional Data

Dimensional Data


A 3.125
B 6.000
C 22.400
D 5.287
E 0.688
F 1.485
G 4.500
H 1.735
J 0.725
K 4.000
L 20.680
M 0.940
N 3.875
O 1/2-13
P 5.500
Q 5.500
R 5.000
S 1.188
T 100 MM
U 5.000
V 0.625
W 16 MM
X 0.438
Y 1.500
Z 0.750
AA 14.500
BB 19.250
CC 0.690
DD 1.470
EE 0.630
FF 0.850
GG 0.800
HH 0.360
JJ 0.630
KK 1.250
SS 0.531
TT 4.000
Ship Wt. Lbs. 100


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