Kurt DX6® CrossOver® Vise – DX6-SD

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These vises have minor porosity in the body and/or the movable jaws.

This does not effect the functionality or the warranty.

6” Vise with 9.0” Opening

The Best D-Series Vise We’ve Ever Produced – Now offered in Scratch & Dent!

Kurt® Workholding’s revolutionary DX6® CrossOver® vise combines all the great features of our world-renowned Kurt D688 and 3600V vises, along with new state-of-the-art workholding features. The DX6 CrossOver vise achieves new levels in precision and performance where flatness and parallelism are important.

By every measure, this is a better vise than our own D688. The DX6 CrossOver vise features the same bed height and keyway to the stationary jaw face as the D688, a redesigned nut with lighter weight, and a new brush seal design. The bearing pack is larger, stronger, and more durable than our other designs, and our proprietary AngLock® spherical segment creates all-directional alignment and reduces jaw lift for improved performance.

With our commitment and Lifetime Ironclad Warranty, the DX6 CrossOver vise is destined to become the go-to vise for all your machining applications. Order yours today, or contact Kurt Workholding to learn more.



2 reviews for Kurt DX6® CrossOver® Vise – DX6-SD

  1. Apex Machine

    I purchased one of these out of sheer necessity at the time. To be honest i had to search hard to find any sort of bleemish at all. Have had zero trouble from this. Will buy again.

  2. octane130 (verified owner)

    Love my scratch and dent vise. Will be buying another one of these.

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