HDLM4/HDL4 Replacement Parts

CalloutQty NeededNamePart No.PriceBuy
132Kurt Screw, Drive, #2 X .2507-0230$3.00
N/AKurt Stationary Jaw Pin Assembly, 4 pieceHDLM4-277-KIT$249.00
72Kurt Locating Pin, Stationary Jaw for use with the HDL4 EnglishHDL4-277$35.00
112Kurt Screw, Alt. 5/16-18 UNC SHCS for use with the HDL4 EnglishHDL4-18$7.00
Kurt HDL Nut & Screw AssemblyHDLM4-3-SA$580.00
Kurt HDL4 Repair Kit 1HDL4-KIT1$23.00
271Kurt SpacerHDLM4-61$22.00
141Kurt ScrewHDLM4-5$69.00
241Kurt Nut, RearHDLM4-3R-SA$136.00
321Kurt Nut, FrontHDLM4-3F-SA$150.00
92Kurt Clamp, Stationary JawHDLM4-35$22.00
351Kurt Spring, Pre-loadHDLM4-311$10.00
72Kurt Locating Pin, Stationary Jaw for use with the HDLM4 MetricHDLM4-277$35.00
172Kurt Chip Guard, MovableHDLM4-249$10.00
181Kurt Chip Guard, StationaryHDLM4-248$7.00
361Kurt Clamp, FrictionHDLM4-225$15.00
381Kurt Holding BlockHDLM4-212A$57.00
82Kurt Clamp SleeveHDLM4-209$25.00
238Kurt Plug, ProtectiveHDLM4-191$5.00
112Kurt Screw, Alt. M8x1.25 SHCS for use with the HDLM4 Metric versHDLM4-18$7.00
152Kurt Spring GuideHDLM4-142$9.00
472Kurt Spring, CompressionHDLM4-267$5.00
421Kurt CollarDL430-8A$15.00
331Kurt O-Ring, 1.0 I.D. X 1.25 O.D.DL430-129$3.00
281Kurt O-Ring, .750 I.D. X .937 O.D.DL430-127$3.00
41Kurt Screw, BHCS M8 X 1.25 X 12MM LG for use with the HDLM4 Metr29-0168$3.00
411Kurt Screw, SS, Half Dog Point, M4 X .7 x 6MM Long28-1094$3.00
162Kurt Screw, SHCS, M4 X .7 X 50MM Long26-0050$3.00
451Kurt O-Ring, Buna N, #022DL430-68$3.00
291Kurt Spiral Retaining RingDL430-147A$3.00
391Kurt O-Ring, Buna N, #021DL430-128$3.00
228Kurt Replacement O-RingsMT4-96$3.00
303Kurt Clutch Spring, StainlessDL640-215$3.00
251Kurt Wiper RingDL430-97$4.00
401Kurt Collar, ThreadedDL430-91-P$27.00
311Kurt ClutchDL430-273A$40.00
341Kurt Retaining RingDL430-231$3.00
261Kurt Retaining RingDL430-217$4.00
434Kurt SpringDL430-197$3.00
373Kurt Thrust Bearing Washer, .060-.063DL400-42A$5.00
201Kurt End CapDL400-218$9.00
441Kurt Thrust BearingD40-41$5.00
481Kurt Handle AssemblyD40XI-10-SA$35.00
102Kurt O-Ring, #110360AU-99B$3.00
461Kurt Dowel Pin, 3/16 DIA04-0030$3.00
41Kurt Screw, BHCS, 5/16-18 X 1/203-0141$3.00