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How to Machine Better Parts with Soft Jaws – Webinar

Kurt Workholding is pleased to bring you a new webinar featuring Steve Tschida, Kurt Workholding engineering manager, and Bill Ehnstrom, founder of CARVESMART dovetailed quick-change jaws and current Kurt Workholding application engineer.

Learn how to take advantage of quick-change soft jaws in your manufacturing workflow. Most shops can realize cost- and time-saving benefits with a modest investment in a soft-jaw workholding upgrade. In the webinar Steve and Bill cover the following topics:

  • Different types of workholding jaws
  • The benefits and limitations of soft jaws
  • How to make and use soft jaws with examples
  • How to integrate Kurt’s CARVESMART quick change soft jaws into your manufacturing workflow
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Soft jaws are used in vises to hold irregularly shaped or delicate parts. They can be machined to match the contour of the part, providing a secure and precise grip. With immediate benefits like:

  • Accuracy – as accurate as your machine tool
  • Repeatability – no parallels or workstops needed
  • Rigidity – more surface contact with the part
  • Self aligning – female part profile allows precise fit and alignment
  • Low-cost solution – quicker ROI

See how Laitram Machine Shop uses quick-change dovetailed jaws.

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