AngLock® D-Series Manual Vise

CNC machining applications require a vise that can handle the stress of high speed, multi-directional milling processes while maintaining precision and consistency. 

The original Kurt Anglock® D-Series manual milling vise is designed for precision part clamping on basic machine tools such as knee-type mills and machining centers. These milling machine vises feature a patented AngLock® design that reduces jaw lift. A pull-type design also reduces stress on the body during clamping on the DX4 and Dx6. Multiple models are available, with jaw openings up to 10” and clamping force up to 16,163 lbs. 

See the individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

Milling Vises Designed for High Precision Machining 

AngLock® D-Series vises are ideal for use in running production parts where datums, flatness, and parallelism is important. An AngLock® vise allows you to bore, tap, drill, and finish with high precision and accuracy on parts made of die-cast aluminum, steel, and iron. All Kurt machine vises have a friction-reducing, needle bearing thrust collar. The needle bearing increases jaw clamping pressure.

Kurt Industrial Products has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality milling machine vises. Our vises are designed for horizontal or vertical mounting, offering essential workstation flexibility. You’ll also get the precision, repeatability, and reliability needed for challenging CNC workholding applications. 

AngLock® Vises for Any Workholding Application

Our AngLock® vises come in several styles to meet a variety of workholding needs. Select from hydraulic vises, reverse-style vises, manual vises, and crossover styles with reliable clamping power. Increase the versatility of your angle lock safety vise with our jaw plates and systems, along with numerous workholding accessories.

AngLock® Milling Vise Features 

  • AngLock® design ensures that the movable jaw does not lift
  • Jaw opening as large as 10” (varies by model)
  • Matching bed heights within ±0.001” available upon request (additional costs apply)
  • Hardened vise bed & jaw plates
  • Semi-hard steel screw
  • 80,000 PSI ductile iron body
  • Matching of the keyway to the stationary jaw ±0.001” available upon request (additional costs apply)

Dependable Workholding Solutions for Precision Machining Applications

No other brand of manual vise can give you the time-tested performance of Kurt AngLock® milling machine vises. From standard machining applications to high precision CNC milling, our AngLock® vises have you covered. We also have an extensive offering of vise accessories to customize your vise and workstation. 
Order the AngLock® D-Series manual vise you need, or contact Kurt Workholding for more information.