Kurt VersatileLock® 4″ Hydraulic Vise – 3400H

Part No. 3400H


Kurt Workholding manufactures hydraulic 4″ VersatileLock vises for your project requirement needs. Order now, or contact us today for more information.



The VersatileLock® vise is the industry’s ultimate single station CNC vise. It offers ultra-precise functionality through these important design features: The original, time proven Kurt® AngLock® design prevents parts from lifting upward under heavy clamping loads. The “pull-type” jaw clamping reduces stationary jaw deflection by at least 80%. The one-piece vise body and stationary jaw provide greater strength while reducing weight. The hydraulic functionality allows the vise to open and close with a simple push of a button.

3400H VersatileLock Vise Features

  • Full 6″ opening
  • Can be mounted on either side
  • Matched stationary jaw to keyway including body height ±0.001″
  • 0.0005” clamping repeatability
  • Footprint is less than 13”, ideal for smaller machines
  • All hydraulic units feature a 1/4″ vise stroke
  • GrooveLock® workstop included
  • Sine key or fixture key compatible

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