Kurt Self-Centering Vise – SCD640

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Self-centering vises help provide greater precision for drilling, tapping, boring and finishing applications by keeping workpieces in a secure position as they are machined. They feature two jaws that move in equal and opposite directions and help improve machining precision and repeatability for your applications by automatically adjusting your workpiece to the center.
Self-centering vises can be used for both horizontal and vertical machining and help ensure that your material is properly aligned and are used for production on conventional and CNC machines.


6” Self-Centering Vise Features

Kurt’s 6-inch self-centering manual vice has a 6” jaw width and features our patented AngLock® design with zero lift that makes this vise ideal for precision work on materials such as steel, cast aluminum and iron. Our 6” self-centering vice has 0.0006” centering accuracy with 0.0002” repeatability to give you the precision you need for your application. A unique adjustment feature allows you to set and reset the centerline of the jaws to help ensure accurate matching when using multiple vises.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • 8” jaw opening
  • 0.0006” centering accuracy with 0.0002” repeatability
  • 80,000-PSI ductile iron construction
  • Hardened jaws
  • Hardened bed ways
  • Chip guards
  • Lip seals on main screw

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Dimensional Data

Dimensional Data

Inch Pounds
A 3.125 x
B 6.000 x
C 20.500 x
D 10.250 x
E 0.6880 x
F 3.000 x
G 3/4 x
H 1.485 x
J 5.500 x
K 4.000 x
L 0.375 x
M 0.250 x
N 0.500 x
O 4.000 x
P 5.000 x
Q 1/2-13 x
R 1.735 x
S 0.725 x
T 0.940 x
U 3.875 x
V 1/2-13 x
W 1.156 x
X 0.880 x
Y 0.850 x
Z 0.360 x
AA 0.690 x
BB 1.470 x
CC 1.188 x
DD 5.500 x
EE 5.000 x
FF 3.937 x
GG 0.625 x
HH 0.630 x
JJ 3/8 x
KK 1/2 x
LL 1.000 x
MM 8.000 x
NN 7.240 x
OO 14.240 x
PP 13.470 x
QQ 20.470 x
RR 5.000 x
Ship Wt. Lbs. x 100

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