Kurt Manual Vise, 8″ w/ 10″ opening – D810

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Kurt’s D810 vise has a large 10″ jaw opening and provides up to 11,600 lbs. of clamping force. The AngLock® design of the stationary jaw reduces vise deflection by 25% while allowing total disassembly of the vise without removing the body from the machine table. The D810 vise locks parts precisely for aggressive “hogging out” operations.

AngLock® Clamping Technology

The D810 AngLock® vise is ideal for high precision part clamping on basic machine tools and machining centers. Recommended for running production parts with critical datum, flatness, and parallelism requirements, the D810 is designed for precision boring, tapping, drilling, and finishing operations. No other brand delivers the proven accuracy of Kurt AngLock® vises.

D810 Manual Vise Features

  • Patented AngLock® design ensures that the movable jaw doesn’t lift under heavy clamping
  • Maximum clamping force: 11,600 ft/lbs.
  • Special brush seals protect vise screw threads from machined chips and residue
  • Nut is shorted so as not to protrude past the end of the vise body
  • Powder coat finish resists coolant-induced peeling and corrosion
  • Hardened vise bed and jaw plates

Contact Kurt for High Performance Manual Vises

Kurt’s D810 manual vise provides high precision clamping with minimal jaw deflection, even under maximum load. Order today or contact us for the rugged, reliable manual vise you need.

Dimensional Data

Dimensional Data

Inch Pounds
A 3.310 x
B 8.000 x
C 21.810 x
D 4.686 x
E 0.813 x
F 1.965 x
G 3.652 x
H 2.200 x
J 1.075 x
K 6.190 x
L 1.865 x
N 1.220 x
O 4.750 x
P 5/8-11 x
Q 11.500 x
R 11.000 x
S 4.940 x
T 8.500 x
U 0.880 x
V 2.375 x
W 0.875 x
AA 10 x
AA MIN 0 x
BB 14.730 x
BB MIN 4.730 x
CC 17.260 x
CC MIN 7.260 x
DD 21.990 x
DD MIN 11.990 x
Ship Wt. x 158

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