Kurt Vise – D100

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The D100 is the largest and strongest of Kurt Workholding’s general purpose vises. With a 9-3/4” jaw opening and up to 16,163 pounds of clamping force, it has the capacity and strength to take on your highest horsepower milling cuts. It’s the most precise and rugged 10” production vise in the world.

AngLock® Clamping Technology

The D100 general purpose AngLock® vise is designed for precision part clamping on basic machine tools and machining centers. It is ideal for running production parts where datums, flatness, and parallelism is important, and makes it easy to bore, tap, drill, and finish with high accuracy. No other manufacturer can provide the time-tested accuracy of Kurt’s AngLock® vises.

D100 Manual Vise Features

  • Patented AngLock® design assures the movable jaw doesn’t lift under heavy clamping load
  • Maximum clamping force: 16,163 ft/lbs.
  • Standard bed height and keyway of stationary matched: ±0.001”
  • Hardened vise bed and jaw plates
  • Semi hard steel screw

Contact Kurt for Rugged, Reliable Manual Vises

Kurt Workholding’s D100 manual vise gives you high accuracy clamping with no jaw deflection, even under heavy clamping loads. Order today or contact us for the high performance manual vise you need.

Dimensional Data

Dimensional Data

Inch Pounds
A 3.875 x
B 10.000 x
C 27.500 x
D 5.875 x
E 0.813 x
F 2.465 x
G 2.950 x
H 2.937 x
J 1.320 x
K 8.630 x
L 2.225 x
N 1.625 x
O 5.750 x
P 3/4-10 x
Q 14.500 x
R 13.250 x
S 6.188 x
T 10.590 x
U 0.940 x
V 1.690 x
W 1 x
AA 9-3/4 x
AA MIN 0 x
BB 14.000 x
BB MIN 3.500 x
CC 19.750 x
CC MIN 9.200 x
DD 24.00 x
DD MIN 13.500 x
Ship Wt. x 300

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