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Flatness Gage Stations

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Kurt designs and builds a variety of Flatness Gage Stations in all shapes and sizes. Flatness Gage Stations include measuring such parts as automotive window glass, commercial window glass, transmission plates and many other parts that require flat surfaces. In most case, the Flatness Gage Stations include many individual contact points on each surface that can quickly provide flatness results. The Kurt Flatness Gage Stations can capture the flatness features in 10 seconds or less recording dozens of dimensions at the same time.

Examples of Flatness Gage Station features measured include:

  • Flatness of entire surface(s)
  • Parallelism of surfaces
  • Regional Flatness
  • Thickness and Average Thickness
  • Other required features

Flatness Gage Stations can be manually loaded stations or automated stations with the integration of overhead lifting mechanisms or robots. The part flow into and out of the gage is controlled by the gage station.

The KurtSPC Premium software provides real-time feedback to the line operator and can be programmed to provide closed loop feedback to the machine tools or stop the line in certain fault conditions. Data can be stored locally for review and/or exported directly on a network.

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