Kurt Custom Piston Gage – In-line Inspection after rough turning

Our manually loaded custom gaging systems sample a production process. Our fully automated in-line gaging systems measures 100% of the parts produced on product

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Kurt provides a variety of Piston Gage Stations that are designed and built to meet demanding production standards. The Piston Gage Stations measure small engine pistons for weedeaters and chain saws all the way up to massive pistons used within an electromotive train engine. The Kurt Piston Gage stations can be built as full automatic gages measuring a part every 5 seconds to bench-type manually loaded systems for measure production samples for SPC analysis.

Examples of Piston features measured include:

  • Piston Height
  • Piston Weight
  • Crown Height
  • Pin Bore Diameter
  • Pin Bore Alignment
  • Ring Grove Height and Diameter
  • Other required features

The fully automated gage designs include integrated powered or gravity conveyance systems, walking beams or FANUC robot part handling. The part flow into and out of the gage is controlled by the gage station. For fully automated systems, 100% of the production is measured complete and discrepant parts are segregated from production flow.

Other features or capabilities can be added within the system such as part marking.

The KurtSPC Premium software provides real-time feedback to the line operator and can be programmed to provide closed loop feedback to the machine tools or stop the line in certain fault conditions. Data can be stored locally for review and/or exported directly on a network.

Please contact Kurt Manufacturing directly through the website to discuss your application.

0.25mm Diameter of Piston
5 grams Weight of piston
5 grams Diameter to weight ratio
1MM Ledge height
1MM Ledge height parallelism
0.500MM Sump depth
Attribute check of wrist pin hole
Marks all parts accepted
Segregation of all non-conforming product
4 second cycle time
Changeover for 5 specific Pistons
Request more information or see the Kurt Engineered Systems truck hub gage, truck rim gage, and examples of all custom gages.



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