Series Linear Bearing Gage Heads – Kurt 1500

Part No. Kurt 1500

The K1500 series measuring head uses a precision set of ball cage bearings to assure the highest accuracy, repeatability and linearity. Each measurement head

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The K1500 Measuring Head is a dual roller gage precision device used in measuring or positioning applications. The K1500 accepts a variety of contact tips to engage the part in measurement applications and an LVDT on an anvil that provides ultra precise measuring capabilities. The K1500 is very robust and very accurate and can be used in any orientation to measure virtually any feature. The K1500 measuring heads can be used in conjunction with a single LVDT to capture and ID or OD type feature. An additional probe isolated on one K1500 in this application will provide a runout result.

The K1500 contact pressure is set by finely adjusting spring pressure to contact a part for measurement in a very repeatable way. The K1500 can be retracted with a pneumatic cylinder that is included with the measuring head.

Features: Specifications
Travel: 5mm & 12mm Travel and Measurement Range
Linearity: 0.1% 1 micron
Repeatability: < 0.1 micron ? Dependent on Application
Operating Pressure: 2 to 3.5 Bars (40 to 50 PSI)
Contact Force: Adjustable 0 to 4.9 N (500 g)
Mechanical: Linear Bearing Ball Cage
Sensors: Digital, LVDT, Analog & Half Bridge (8mm or .375 Body)
Application: Pneumatic or Spring Actuation & in all Orientation Attitudes
Material: Hot Rolled Steel
Accessories: Hundreds of Extension Arms & Contact Tips
IP Rating: IP55 Protection
Storage Temperature: – 40F to + 185F
Operating Temperature: + 50F to + 185F
Shock: Application Specific Should Be Protected
Robustness: Operating Life > 25 Million cycles
Null Position: Preset
Mass Total: 325 Grams (11.5 Ounces)
Mass Carriage: 150 Grams (5.3 Ounces)




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