Kurt SeraLock

The SeraLock Towers, SeraLock Pallets and WedgeLock Module system are the latest innovation for achieving high density, highly repeatable part clamping.

SeraLock Towers and SeraLock Pallets are designed with interlocking ā€œVā€ shaped serrated surfaces for precise and repeatable alignment of WedgeLock clamping modules.

SeraLock Towers are available in four sided, two sided and single sided towers with a base that will mount to your HMC or an indexer for VMC applications. SeraLock pallets are available in sizes that will accommodate most vertical machining centers. A custom, high density workholding system can be configured quickly when our WedgeLock modular system of single and double sided clamping jaws are used with the SeraLock Tower or SeraLock Pallet.