HDHLM6 Replacement Parts

CalloutQty NeededNamePart No.PriceBuy
2Kurt Spring, Blue, Hydraulic Vise Only - HDH6-267HDH6-267$8.00
1Kurt HDHLM6 Repair Kit (Serial Numbers 1000 and Greater) - HDHLM6-KIT1HDHLM6-KIT1$84.00
1Kurt Rear Nut - HDHLM6-3RHDHLM6-3R$529.00
1Kurt Hydraulic Nut & Screw Assembly - HDHLM6-3-SAHDHLM6-3-SA$1,992.00
22Kurt Compression Spring - 360HU-87A360HU-87A$53.00
51Kurt Wiper Ring - DL430-97DL430-97$6.00
61Kurt Retaining Ring - DL430-217DL430-217$6.00
82Kurt O-Ring, Backer - HDH6-187HDH6-187$5.00
92Kurt O-Ring, Buna N, #115 - HDH6-68HDH6-68$5.00
91Kurt Timing Pin - HDHLM6-25HDHLM6-25$17.00
102Kurt O-Ring, Buna N, #223 - HDH6-96HDH6-96$5.00
101Kurt Piston Screw - HDHLM6-89-CPHDHLM6-89-CP$246.00
111Kurt O-Ring, Backer - HDH6-188HDH6-188$6.00
121Kurt Hydraulic Piston - HDH6-93HDH6-93$71.00
131Kurt Screw - HDHLM6-5-CPHDHLM6-5-CP$212.00
142Kurt Wiper Ring - DL430-331DL430-331$6.00
151Kurt Retaining Ring - DL430-231DL430-231$5.00
152Kurt Protective Plug Assembly - 3600V-191-SA3600V-191-SA$5.00
164Kurt Compression Spring - HDHLM6-169HDHLM6-169$7.00
171Kurt Front Nut - HDHLM6-3FAHDHLM6-3FA$323.00
181Kurt Spacer - HDHLM6-61HDHLM6-61$74.00
201Kurt Stationary Jaw Locating Pin for use with the HDLM6 Metric v - HDM6-277AHDM6-277A$38.00
212Kurt Clamp Sleeve - HD6-209HD6-209$27.00
221Kurt Friction, Clamp - HDHLM6-225A-CPHDHLM6-225A-CP$98.00
222Kurt Stationary Jaw Clamp - HD6-35HD6-35$22.00
231Kurt Cover - HDHLM6-53A-CPHDHLM6-53A-CP$43.00
241Kurt Spring (Pre-Load) - HDHLM6-311AHDHLM6-311A$19.00
242Kurt Spring Guide, Metric - HDHM6-142HDHM6-142$12.00
252Kurt Screw, SHCS, M5 X .8 X 6mm LG - 26-008226-0082$5.00
262Kurt Pre-load Plunger - HDH6-334HDH6-334$11.00
281Kurt Screw, BHCS, M10 X 1.5 X 12 for use with the HDLM6 Metric v - 29-021829-0218$6.00
352Kurt Screw, SHCS, M10 X 1.5 X 45mm LG for use with the HDLM6 Met - 26-023226-0232$5.00
462Kurt Chip Guard, Movable - HDLM6-249HDLM6-249$7.00
471Kurt Chip Guard, Stationary - HDLM6-248HDLM6-248$8.00
481Kurt Extension Handle Assembly - DL640X-10-SADL640X-10-SA$101.00
501Kurt Plug, Nylon - HDHLM6-168HDHLM6-168$30.00