D80 Replacement Parts

The following Callouts have no replacements available and are obsolete: 4,5,7,10

CalloutQty NeededNamePart No.PriceBuy
31Nut and screw assembly with bearing, washers & O-ring - D80-3-SAD80-3-SA$372.00
0Kurt Rod Clamp - D80WS-4D80WS-4$58.00
2Kurt T-bolt, Nut and Washer, 2 each - D80-27-SAD80-27-SA$70.00
131Kurt Plastic Cap - D80-12AD80-12A$6.00
1Kurt D80 Repair Kit - D80-KITD80-KIT$18.00
91Kurt Spherical Segment - D80-9D80-9$8.00
81Kurt Thrust Bearing Assembly - D80-72D80-72$10.00
122Kurt Jaw Plate, 8" - D80-7D80-7$119.00
82Kurt Thrust Bearing Washer - D80-42D80-42$7.00
81Kurt Thrust Bearing - D80-41D80-41$6.00
21Kurt Movable Jaw - D80-2D80-2$475.00
61Kurt Handle Assembly - D80I-10-SAD80I-10-SA$84.00
151Kurt Screw, SHSS, 5/8-11 UNRC X 1-1/4 - 01-395301-3953$18.00