SPC Software Training

Kurt Manufacturing offers two levels of training courses.  The first course is a configuration training for personnel responsible for the configuration of the computer system.

The second course is an advanced KurtSPC training course intended for those that have completed the first course and are looking to expand their system knowledge and capabilities.  This course also offers a preview of the Beta version of KurtPremium 7.0.

Both courses are based on a 2 day training schedule. They can be held at Kurt Manufacturing Engineered Systems Division in Minneapolis, MN (this is commonly done on a quarterly basis) or on-site at the customer’s facility (this can be done upon request). Our software engineers combine both a lecture and hands-on experience. Would you like to learn more about SPC software training? Contact us today at engineeredsystems@kurt.com or call us toll free at 800-343-9884.

Course Fee must be paid in Advance via a Credit Card. Credit Card will be refunded if 30-day advance notice on cancellations. Cancellations less than 30-days of class will result in a credit for a future class.
We reserve the right to cancel training class due to non-participation.

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