Gage Measurement Heads

The EM3453 and K1500 series measuring heads are precision gage devices designed to capture a multitude of dimensional features. These precision gage devices are designed for use in shop floor data collection. The measurement instruments can be interchangeable to accommodate a wide range of electronics sensors such as LVDT, Digital, or Analog. They can also accept Mechanical and/or Digital Indicators. Either measuring head can be used with pneumatic retract capabilities to allow access to receded features such as inside diameter grooves or single point contact for finish sensitive materials. These precision gage devices can also be configured as a spring floating contact head or gravity balanced by adjustable opposing springs. The slim design and assorted contact tips allow a side by side mounting of seven measuring heads that can measure seven diameters in a ten millimeter axial distance. Diameter and distance measurements can be configured with two measurement heads bridging across requiring only one indicating device or sensing probe. The EM3453 and K1500 series measurement heads are highly configurable, versatile and reusable to succeed in virtually and measurement challenge.  Call us toll free at 800-343-9884 to speak with one of our representatives about gage measurement heads.

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