Power Drawbars

Operators using PowerLock drawbars

Operators using PowerLock drawbars

Repetitive movements and continuous tooling changes are tiring milling machine operators. Frequent changeovers also decrease efficiency and slow production. Power drawbars provide a solution by automating “knee-type” milling machines, reduce tool change time and allow more cutting time in the cycle.

Reduce Milling Machine Tool Change Times by More than Half

PowerLock™ power drawbars from Kurt come in automatic or mechanical styles to accommodate different milling machining setups. Our power drawbars are proven to cut tool change times by 75% over manual changing with wrenches. Find models designed to work with over 25 of the most current and popular mill brands. Most units include a filter/lubricator, regulator, and gauge.

Benefits of using PowerLock drawbars include:
  • Easy installation—no special tools required
  • Reduced operator fatigue and improved control
  • Prevents over- and under-tightening collets
  • Improved productivity and safety

Use the categories below to find or build your Kurt power drawbar. If you have additional product questions, download the product brochure or get in touch with one of our representatives.

Improve Machining Efficiency with Power Drawbars from Kurt

Automatic PowerLock™ Drawbars

Select from several power drawbars designed to automate your manual and CNC mills. These drawbars are compatible with machines that have R-8 collets or #30 or #40 taper tool holders. A safety interlock prevents accidental engagement.

Mechanical PowerLock™ Drawbar

Automate your knee-type milling machines with a Kurt mechanical power drawbar.

Build Your Power Drawbar Kit

Kurt offers drawbar kits with powerheads for non-current machines. These kits deliver the same benefits as our standard PowerLock Drawbars and come in several options. We can also help you customize your kit based on your machining setup.

Power Drawbar Kit Replacement Rods

Use these bars to finish your Kurt power drawbar kit. Our replacement rods come in taper and thread styles to fit R-8 collets, #30 or #40 taper tool holders.

Manual and Automated Power Drawbar Solutions

We have complete instruction and troubleshooting guides to help you make the most of your power drawbar. Download them today! If you have additional product questions, please contact our team for assistance.