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5 axis vises are useful for applications involving 5 axis machining and are highly effective for working with complex shapes and difficult angles. It helps increase accuracy and reduce setup and makes processes more efficient by reducing tooling costs and labor time. 5 axis workholding vises are designed for 5 axis machining by allowing obstruction-free machining on five sides of a workpiece. They have the benefit of a quick, single clamp setup and allow for continuous, high-speed cutting of pockets and 3-dimensional or sculpted surfaces. 

5 Axis Workholding Vise Options

Kurt Workholding offers a full line of 5 axis vise options to give you maximum clamping force when working with 5 axis machinery. Whatever your 5 axis workholding requirements, we’re sure to have the right vise for your application.



Selecting a 5 Axis Vise for Your Workholding Application

Choosing the right vise for your workholding application can help ensure safety and improve the efficiency and stability of your CNC machining process. Precision is key, so when selecting a vise, you want to consider the product’s rigidity, as well as its accuracy and repeatability. You also need to consider clamping force as well as material type and size, machine speed, feed rate and the number of parts that will need to be produced.

MaxLock™ HP Series 5 Axis Workholding Vises

MaxLock™ 5 axis workholding vises are available with 4140 heat treated Serrated, Dovetail or Carvable steel jaws that deliver high clamping forces with ±0.0005” repeatability. Our 5 axis vises with serrated and dovetail jaws have clamping areas at the bed and in the middle and top of the jaw to deliver multiple clamping options.
Consider your machining needs before choosing a jaw type for your 5-axis vise: Serrated jaws can leave marks on workpieces and are best for applications involving raw stock material. Dovetail options are designed for aggressive machining by maintaining rigidity and minimizing deflection and clamp creep under high machining pressure. Carvable jaws provide the ability to carve the shape of the part into the jaw.
Part No. Jaw Type Vise Length Max. Clamping Force
HP420 Serrated 5.00” 2,500 lbs.
HP420D Dovetail 5.00” 2,500 lbs.
HP420C Carvable 5.00” 2,500 lbs.
HP440 Serrated 7.00” 2,500 lbs.
HP440D Dovetail 7.00” 2,500 lbs.
HP440C Carvable 7.00” 2,500 lbs.
HP460 Serrated 9.00” 2,500 lbs.
HP460D Dovetail 9.00” 2,500 lbs.
HP460C Carvable 9.00” 2,500 lbs.

DoveLock™ Dovetail 5 Axis Vises

DoveLock™ Dovetail 5 axis vises work for both 4 and 5 axis CNC machining and provide access to five sides of your workpiece. They are manufactured from pre-hardened 4140 steel and have a high clamping screw location that reduces deflection. The reversible jaw models allow for a wide range of dovetail widths.
Part No. Jaw Type Jaw Width Base Diameter/Vise Height Max. Clamping Force
DT20 Standard 2.00” 4.470”/2.00” 4,000 lbs.
DTR20 Reversible 2.00” 5.38”/3.875” 4,000 lbs.
DTR10 Reversible 1.00” 2.69”/2.00”  

MaxLock™ 5 Axis Self-Centering Vises

MaxLock™ 5 axis self-centering vises have and adjustable center line and ±0.0002 repeatability. Features include machined jaws available in aluminum or steel, tall jaws for increased spindle clearance and flexible mounting options.
Part No. Jaw Width Dimensions  Max. Clamping Force
SCMX250 2.5” 6.11” x 5.00” 1,800 lbs.
SCMX425 4.0” 9.12” x 8.00” 3,000 lbs.

MaxLock™ MX350 Multi-Axis AngLock® Vise

MaxLock™ Multi-Axis AngLock® vises have a pull type feature that decreases stationary deflection and a 0.625” stroke that allows for a wider range of clamping. The screw can easily be changed to provide maximum jaw openings of any size. Maximum clamping force of 7,000 lbs.
Part No. Jaw Width Max. Clamping Force
MX350 varied  7,000 lbs

Schenke Clamping System 5 Axis Vises

The Schenke clamping system incorporates the tension needle directly below the work piece support, providing a high clamping force up to 40kN. Features form fit clamping with embossing pins and extreme rigidity for maximum cutting forces.
Part No. Jaw Width Max. Clamping Force Clamping Height (CH)
740-01-003-61 3.937” 5-40kN 100 mm (3.937")
740-01-000-51 3.937” 5-40kN 175 mm (6.889")

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If a 5-axis vise isn’t the right choice for your application, Kurt Workholding also has solutions for 2, 3, and 4 axis machining.

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