High Precision Single Station Vises

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High Precision Single Station Vises

Kurt’s AngLock®, VersatileLock®, and HD690 high precision vises provide superior stability and reliable, accurate positioning for workpieces in challenging CNC machining and milling operations. Featuring innovative workholding technology and patented designs, these single station vises offer unparalleled precision and repeatability, with up to 12,000 lbs. of clamping force. Manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic models are available, with horizontal and vertical mounting options, making it easy to find the right single station high precision vise for any application.
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AngLock® D-Series Single Station Vise

Our original AngLock® D-Series single station manual vises are designed for high precision workpiece positioning on basic machine tools. AngLock® jaw design ensures that the moveable jaw won’t lift during even the most extreme machining operations; a friction-reducing needle bearing thrust collar provides increased clamping pressure. These high precision vises make boring, tapping, drilling, and finishing easy, providing exceptional accuracy with jaw openings as large as 10”. AngLock® vises are ideal for machining applications in which datums, flatness, and parallelism are important.

HD690 Series Single Station Vise

The first 6” pull-type vise with a 9” opening, our HD690 high precision single station vise features wider and more stable stationary jaws for reduced deflection and a taller body design that helps further reduce deflection under clamping loads. A narrower body width allows for more vises in your work envelope, while the pull-type body design reduces stress on the body itself for more accurate clamping. These high precision vises also utilize quick change moveable jaws for fast changeover and carvability for holding oddly shaped workpieces. Inch and metric threads are available.

VersatileLock® 3400 Single Station Vise

Our VersatileLock® series are the ultimate single station CNC machining and milling vises. VersatileLock® 3400 vises feature our proven AngLock® design, which prevents parts from lifting upward under heavy clamping loads. Pull-type clamping jaws provide high precision clamping by reducing stationary jaw deflection by 80% or more. A one-piece body and stationary jaw reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Manual and hydraulic models are available, all with compact footprints of under 13” that make them ideal for use on small machining centers.

VersatileLock® 3600 Single Station Vise

VersatileLock® 3600 single station vises offer ultra-precision function. The time-tested AngLock® design prevents parts from lifting upward under heavy clamping, while the pull-type jaws reduces stationary deflection by at least 80% compared to other jaw configurations. With ±0.0005” repeatable clamping, versatile mounting options, and footprints as small as 13”, VersatileLock® 3600 high precision vises are ideal for a broad range of machining applications. Manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic models are available.

VersatileLock® 3800 Single Station Vise

High precision VersatileLock® 3800 single station CNC vises offer exceptional clamping force (as much as 6,550 lbs. for manual models; up to 11,000 lbs. with hydraulic models) and ±0.0005” repeatability. Pull-type jaw clamping reduces stationary deflection by more than 80%, while the patented AngLock® design stops parts from lifting upward during heavy clamping. Manual VersatileLock® 3800 vises can be mounted upright or on either side for easy installation. All models feature full 10” jaw openings, as well as one-piece body and stationary jaw construction for high strength with reduced weight.

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