Self-Centering Vises

A self-centering vise is a workholding device that automatically adjusts the workpiece to center, improving machining precision and repeatability. Kurt Workholding offers self-centering vises in 4” and 6” jaw widths, along with multi-axis models (see below) for more complex machining operations. Centering accuracy from minimum to maximum opening is 0.0006” with 0.0002” repeatability.

Both jaws are moveable, and both feature our patented AngLock® design, which pulls and holds parts down securely and eliminates jaw lift during machining for even greater accuracy.

Our self-centering vises include a unique adjustment feature that allows the centerline of the jaws to be set and reset as needed. This is especially useful for aligning centerlines when mounting multiple vises on one machine.

5-Axis Self Centering Vises

Kurt’s SCMX250 (2.5” jaw opening) and SCMX425 (4” jaw opening) multi-axis self-centering vises include the same features and provide the same performance as “standard” self-centering models, but add a 5-axis design to provide exceptional versatility for advanced CNC machining applications. Our 5-axis self-centering vises can accommodate workpieces up to 6.5” long.  Extra tall jaws allow for increased spindle clearance.
Read on (below) or follow the links learn more. Order the self-centering vise your application requires, or contact Kurt Workholding for more information.

Features of Kurt Self-Centering Vises

  • Adjustable centerline
  • ±0.0002” repeatability
  • Will clamp both O.D. and I.D.
  • Chip guards
  • 2.5” and 4” jaw widths
  • 80,000-psi ductile iron construction
  • Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty
  • A full line of vise accessories is available

Self-Centering Vise Options

Kurt’s family of self-centering vises includes four different models to meet your machining needs. Self-centering vise options include: See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

The Best Self-Centering Vise for Your Machining Application

Kurt Workholding’s self-centering vises are a prime example of what makes our products the industry standard for machining reliability and precision. Order the self-centering vise you need today, or contact us to learn more.