Modular Vises

Modular Workholding

Modular Workholding

Modular parts are the core of the SeraLockWedgeLockMoveLock, and MiniLock workholding systems.  The precision and clamping abilities of the Kurt AngLock® are integrated into these modular systems. 

The SeraLock towers and pallets are designed with interlocking “V” surfaces for precision alignment of WedgeLock and MoveLock clamping modules.  Components may be mixed and matched, offering creation of “custom” fixtures.  Machine like and unlike workpieces in one set up.

The MoveLock and MiniLock systems both use the AngLock concept to prevent jaw lift during clamping.  MoveLock is lightweight and available in manual or hydraulic options. The MiniLock clamping system is ideal for dedicated fixturing or palletizing small parts.

Check out our videos and downloads to learn more about our modular workholding equipment, as well as to download product brochures and instruction guides.