Unlike many competitive cam action models, this product employs the same AngLock concept as the world famous Kurt vises. When a quarter turn is applied to the screw, the split clamp jaw is forced both laterally and down, precisely clamping the part and preventing part lift at the same time. In-house tests showed zero lift when the MiniLock was used in several grinding operations.

Features of the Kurt Workholding MiniLock

  • By using stationary blocks or pins, two parts may be clamped by a single MiniLock.
  • The versatile MiniLock can be used in single holding, double holding or multiples of both single and double holding applications.
  • Ideal for dedicated fixturing as well as for palletizing small parts to be loaded into receivers on machine tables.
  • Through the use of a variety of locating blocks, workstops and MiniLocks, several similar parts or a part “family” can be located on a single pallet.
  • Clamping jaw made from rugged Ampco 18 aluminum bronze.
  • Actuating screw is made from a special alloy steel.
  • While one pallet of parts is being machined, the operator can be unloading and loading a second similarly configured pallet away from the machine tool.
  • Steps may be machined into the clamp jaw for operations that require parts to be raised above the pallet or machine table.
  • The low profile allows for machining of complete top surfaces of parts without having to re-clamp.
  • Conveniently uses standard thread sizes and standard hex keys.
  • One MiniLock package contains six MiniLocks.
  • Metric version available.