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ClusterTower vertical vise | Workholding Towers & Tombstones

ClusterTower vertical vise

Kurt Workholding’s towers and tombstones are durable, efficient, and effective workholding solutions for vertical CNC machining operations. These devices can easily be integrated into your new or existing automated cells and gaging systems.

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ClusterLock 50mm Towers

Manufactured from 80,000 lb. ductile iron and steel that provide 250% greater stiffness than aluminum, our ClusterLock workholding towers exhibit vibration dampening capabilities 20 times that of similar aluminum devices. 50mm (1.968”) wide jaws and 50mm (1.968”) openings. A variety of options and accessories provide versatility for a wide range of applications.

CTHD Manual Cluster Towers

Our manually-operated, eight-station cluster towers are well-suited to use with both vertical and horizontal machining centers with indexing tables. CTHD workholding towers feature cast-iron integral structures, and are specially engineered to provide reliable workpiece immobility and dampen vibration.

CTHDH Hydraulic Cluster Towers

These workholding devices are essentially the same as our CTHD cluster towers (see above), but with hydraulic actuation. Hydraulic components are integrated into the vise and tower body to conserve space. These towers can easily be converted to manual operation when needed.

CTHDL Manual Cluster Towers

Kurt’s high density (HD) vise towers can hold parts in eight individual clamping stations. Designed for use with mid- to large-size CNC systems with multi-axis capabilities, CTHDL manual workholding towers are built with a ductile iron framework for dependable workpiece immobility and vibration dampening.

Solid Tombstones

Our ToolBlox™ tombstones add density and versatility for horizontal machining centers. These two- and four-face workholding solutions are manufactured from solid, Class 35 cast iron, but are over 30% lighter than comparable tombstones with aluminum sub-plates. All vises and collet chucks can be directly mounted to the faces of ToolBlox tombstones.

Caged Tombstones

Also called modular tombstones, our two- and four-face ToolBlox™ caged tombstones provide high density, high machining versatility, and the same vibration damping characteristics as a solid tombstone in a lighter-weight package—more than 30% lighter than comparable tombstones with aluminum sub-plates. A cost-effective alternative to dedicate fixtures, our caged tombstones are designed to reduce setup times.

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