Workholding Vise Accessories



Milling presents several challenges, including oversized or oddly shaped workpieces, part scratching or deformation, repetitive positioning and clamping, and timely part changes. Vise accessories have developed over time as a solution to common workholding issues and can help reduce or eliminate these and other problems. Workholding accessories can also expand the capabilities of your workholding device and help improve accuracy and repeatability in CNC machining applications.  
Secure multiple pieces at a single station with a vise tower and use hydraulic pumps to eliminate repetitive manual clamping. Mount your vise at the perfect height and angle for improved workpiece access and machining precision. Align your vises and fixtures with vise and sine keys. Improve the overall function and versatility of your machining station with vise accessories.

Vice Accessories for High Precision Machining

Our workholding accessories can be used with our full line of workholding products to create a customized solution for your machining operations. We offer a wide range of CNC vise accessories for your workholding needs.  
Some of our most popular options include: 
  • Hex Extensions to extend your vise screw hex for easier access on large machines
  • Quick Change Jaws Plates to reduce setup times by up to 90%. Options include standard jaws, machinable jaws and magnetic jaws that hold parallels in place
  • Parallels in 8” and magnetic 6” options to increase clearance and support workpieces during precision machining 
  • Workstops sit above the vise jaws to provide fast and accurate positioning for repetitive work
  • Vise Handles including handle assemblies, speed handles, and torque handles made from steel. We also offer vise handle repair kits for the torque handles
  • Hydraulic Hoses and Hydraulic Pumps for use with our hydraulic vises. Improve clamping speed and reduce repetitive movements.
  • Sine Keys to position and align parts on machine tables for improved stability and positioning  
  • Vise and Tower Jaw Kits feature moveable jaw blocks, and stationary jaws keyed to the vise base
Need help choosing the right accessories for your workholding device? Our Workholding Selection Guide has all the information you need to get started or contact us for assistance.

Create a More Effective and Versatile Machining Setup

CNC vise accessories include jaw plates, pumps, handles, workstops, and other accessories to configure and improve the effectiveness of your workholding setup. Some of the common uses for vise accessories include: 
  • Mounting, positioning, and aligning vises on your machining worktable
  • Converting vises to accommodate larger or multiple parts
  • Improving workholding stability with the use of specialty jaw plates and parallel sets
  • Adding extensions to make screws more accessible
  • Reducing setup time for vertical 2nd op workholding

Order CNC Milling Vise Accessories

Kurt original vise accessories are versatile and quick mounting to ensure strength and durability and make your clamping job easier.  We make our accessories with the same level of precision as our vises, towers, and tombstones to ensure premium quality. Our products also include replacement parts and repair kits for all our standard vises.   
Order your workholding accessories online or contact us for more information.