Vertical Machining Center - Kurt Engineered Systems

Kurt Engineered Systems can help you create a custom workholding solution for your vertical machining center.  Let us provide the know-how behind your workholding systems.  We are a leader in the standard and custom workholding industry.

From custom hybrid pallet vises to custom sub-plate applications, Kurt custom applications help you complete your operation quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today for a no obligation appraisal of your custom workholding needs or call 800-343-9884. 

VMC application

VMC application using hydraulically actuated wedge clamps.
This fixture uses interchangeable tooling to accommodate a family of parts.

Specialty vise jaws Specialty vise jaws integrated into XL series vise to locate and clamp a family of parts.
Specialty vise jaws VMC Fixture utilizing the MiniLock™ system.
This fixture is a manual fixture and an easily be designed for hydraulic operation.

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