3-in-1 System Jaw Plates

Holding and positioning small or oddly shaped parts for machining is difficult, especially in applications involving high-speed equipment. Slipping parts impact your machining accuracy and cause frustration as you waste valuable time repositioning your workpiece.

3-in-One Jaw Plates Give You A Versatile Workholding Solution 

Kurt has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality vises and workholding products for precision machining. Our 3-in-1 System Jaw Plates were designed to help prevent part slippage and other common workholding challenges during high-speed machining. Use these versatile quick setup jaw plates for part positioning or as a workstop or parallel.

Select from 6" x 1.735" x 0.725" or 8" x 2.20" x 1.075"  jaw plates to fit most Kurt vise models. 


Quick Setup Jaw Plates Designed to Solve Machining Challenges

We built 7 preset angles into the vise jaw plate to provide secure positioning for high-speed machining. The bolt-on jaw plates feature a series of hole patterns, making it easier to position your workpiece. Our versatile system jaw plates also have a quick setup that only takes three steps:
  1. Place dowel pins in the desired locations
  2. Position the part for machining
  3. Tighten the vise clamp

Watch our instructional video on how to use the 3-in-1 vise system.

Order 3-in-One Jaw Plates to Start Improving Your Machining Efficiency

Get three products in one with our quick setup jaw plates. Place your System Jaw Plate order online or find a Kurt representative near you. If you have questions about this or any other Kurt products, send us a message or call us!