Smart Probes


The KurtSmart Probe is an LVDT pencil probe that outputs a linear value over the entire stroke of the probe. For operation the KurtSmart Probe requires only 5 VDC power source for measurement. Power can be provided through a USB powered hub or directly from a PC.  

The KurtSmart Probe can be used in a completely stand-alone fashion measuring and sorting parts based on feature size very quickly as a single measurement or multiple KurtSmart Probes can be used in more advanced applications.
The KurtSmart Probe is factory calibrated over the entire working range of the probe. It can then be user programmed for a specific operating range using the KurtSmart Probe configuration software application that is available on-line as a free download from the Kurt Website.
The KurtSmart Probe is a standalone device that will provide a measurement result without being connected to any kind of computer station. The probe is completely linear over the entire stroke length. With a set of five small LED’s on each side of the probe, the device can be programmed to visually show an operator if a part is good (green), trending bad (yellow) or bad (red). Each SmartPROBE also has a single output port that can be utilized.
KurtSmart Probe Specifications:
  • 14 Bit Precision
    • 2.0mm probe travel, approximately 0.125 micron resolution
  • Accurate to better than 12 bits
  • Pre-calibrated – All devices measure identically over the full stroke
  • On board dynamic scans: MAX, MIN, TIR, AVG
  • LED indicators have a programmable scale to fit a tolerance range
    • Visible from Top or Side, mounted on both sides
  • On board I/O for stand-alone operation
    • I/O is 5-24VDC Optically Isolated
    • Input: Programmable to trigger events such as data collection, re-mastering or others
    • Output: Programmable to trigger on LED or measurement status
  • Namable for consistent identification by the software
  • USB to COM port interface
    • Compatible with any software that can import RS-232 data
  • Compatible with standard USB hubs allowing multiple probes per system

Please contact Kurt Gaging at 877-226-7823 to request a copy of the software demo.