VT Series Link Clamp

The clamping mechanism on this series of hydraulic clamping cylinders works on a lever principle. As the piston is pushed forward the clamp mechanism is pushed down. This type of clamp provides a larger clamping force than of a swing clamp of equal size. Main parts of the clamping mechanism are mounted outside of the cylinder body for convenient maintenance if needed.

VT Series Link Clamp Features

  • Minimum operating pressure: 355lbs / 25 kg/cm²
  • Maximum operating pressure: 995 lbs / 70kg/cm²
  • Double acting and single acting.
  • Cylinder body is made of aluminum alloy to reduce the weight.
  • Manifold mounted or threaded port connection in one cylinder body.
  • A stronger link mechanism for longer life cycles.
  • Integrated with an inner flow control valve so no extra valves are needed.
  • Design ensures repeatable clamping location.
  • Linkage can be re-positioned to clamp at 90°, 180° or 270° from hydraulic ports.
  • Cylinder is supplied with standard arm. *No additional arm to purchase.
Sold exclusively through the Kurt Workholding website