Kurt 5-Axis Self-Centering Vise
Part No. SCMX425

MaxLock SCMX425 Self-Centering 5-Axis Vise

Kurt’s MaxLock SCMX425 5-axis self-centering vise features our AngLock design, which pulls the workpiece down to hold it more securely during machining. Parts can be clamped on either the I.D. or the O.D.
Jaws are 4” wide, and are taller than average, which provides increased spindle clearance for multi-axis machining operations. This vise can accommodate workpieces up to 6.5” long.
MaxLock 5-axis vises offer flexible mounting options and reversible jaws for greater machining freedom.

Order a MaxLock SCMX425 5-axis self-centering vise for your machining needs. Contact Kurt Workholding to learn more.
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Price:  $1,776.00 
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Features of MaxLock SCMX425 5-Axis Self-Centering Vises

  • Self-centering vise designed specifically for 5-axis machining operations
  • ±0.0002” repeatability
  • Reversible, machinable jaws; available in steel or aluminum
  • Steps can be machined in for improved accuracy and to eliminate the need for parallels
  • Clamp parts on O.D. or I.D.
  • 4.0” maximum jaw width
  • Tall jaws offer increased spindle clearance
  • Multiple mounting options
  • A full line of vise accessories is available

Dimensional Data

A 2.313
B 4.000
C 8.000
D 4.000
E 0.690
F 1.120
G 3/8
H 2.250
J 2.750
K 9.120
L 1.625
M 1.125
N 0.000
P 2.500
Q 0.531
S 1.000
T 1.250
V 0.625
W 0.688
X 0.375
Y 0.500
Z 1.750
U1 3.000
U2 3.000
U3 1.500
U4 1.500

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SCMX425 Video

How to remove the jaws for a KURT MaxLock self-centering vise: