Quick Change Location & Positioning Systems

Kurt’s quick change workholding systems can significantly reduce setup and changeover times. One customer shaved seven hours off the setup time for machining specialty aerospace parts using our PinLock quick change fixture mounting system. With reduced setup times comes greater productivity and greater profitability.
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Quick Change
Quick Change

Kurt’s Innovative Quick Change Workholding Solutions

PinLock™ System
Specially engineered to reduce the time spent accurately positioning and clamping fixture plates and subplates, our patent-pending PinLock quick change workholding system will maximize your throughput potential. PinLock’s unique pin assembly engages the workpiece and creates a locking force with line contact, which provides greater stability and security than similar devices that rely on point contact.
DockLock Zero Point Clamping System
Kurt’s patented DockLock quick change fixture mounting system is a zero-point workholding solution that provides fast, ultra-accurate setup on machining centers. Easy to integrate into your existing devices, DockLock eliminates alignment and bolt down tasks for more efficient setup and higher productivity.
DoveLock Quick Change Jaw System
The DoveLock quick change jaw system allows for fast setups in under a minute. The patent-pending design features three quick-clamps to hold jaws in place—simply loosen the clamps and the jaws can be removed from the front or side. DoveLock jaws can be rotated 180° for two different setups, and are machinable for part profiles or steps.
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