HD690 & HDM690 Pull-Type Vises

Kurt Workholding’s HD690 vises and HDM690 vises are the world’s first 6” pull-type vises with 9” openings. These vises give you a full 9” opening when using standard hard jaw plate, and feature wider, more stable stationary jaws for reduced stationary jaw deflection.
The stationary jaws on our HD690 and HDM690 pull-type vises bolt down from the top, so there’s no need to remove the vise from the table for disassembly. Bolting the jaw from the top also lowers stresses on the body and helps the body stay flatter after assembly. The pull-type body design further reduces body stress for more accurate clamping.
Our HD690 (inch threads) and HDM690 (metric threads) vises provide narrow footprints to allow for more vises in the same work envelope. Taller body designs help minimize deflection and relieves body stress under clamping loads.
The HD platform features quick-change movable jaws and allows for carvability to hold oddly-shaped parts.

Features of HD690 Vises & HDM690 Vises

  • Full 9” jaw opening in a 6” pull-type vise
  • Wider, more stable stationary jaws minimize jaw deflection
  • Stationary jaw bolts down from the top for easy disassembly, reduced vise body stress, and improved flatness after assembly
  • Narrow body widths allow for more vises in the work envelope
  • Taller body design equals less deflection
  • Bolts and locates direction on standard grid plates: 40mm, 50mm, or 2”
  • Pull-type design reduces stresses on the vise body for more accurate clamping
  • Quick change movable jaw
  • GrooveLock® jaw and workstop included
  • Use sine keys for alignment
  • Bed height matched ±0.0005”
  • Maximum clamping force: manual – 5,250 lbs.; hydraulic – 7,350 lbs.
  • Swivel base available
  • Hydraulic models available
  • Reverse models available
  • Inch threads (HD690) or metric threads (HDM690)
  • Patented designs

Contact Kurt for High Performance Pull-Type Vises

Kurt Workholding’s HD690 and HDM690 pull-type vises use our patented designs to deliver unparalleled clamping performance and accuracy for a wide range of machining operations. Order today or contact us for the pull-type vise you need.